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Our Team

Serving our LORD JESUS CHRIST together in Liberia

Alfred & Musu Varney

Executive Director of Operations, TIM

Alfred (Gola-tribe) & Musu (Gola/Vai-tribes) Varney are co-equal partners in and cofounders of The Indigenous Mission (TIM) with Lucas & Lois Richard. 

Alfred & Musu have been serving the LORD together since the 1980's, laboring among their own people for the Gospel, and continuing to serve even during the 14 year Liberian civil war (1989-2003) and recently the Ebola Outbreak. 

Alfred serves on the board of TIM as the Executive Director of Operations. This reflects Alfred's role in The Indigenous Mission as a day-to-day operations manager on ground in Liberia. He has incredible gifting in leadership, organization, vision, and in teaching the Word of GOD. Alfred and Musu are humble believers who serve The LORD in Liberia entirely by faith. 

Lucas & Lois Richard

Missionaries (CMML) 
Executive Director of Administration, TIM

Lucas & Lois Richard (USA) are missionaries serving in a co-equal partnership with Alfred & Musu Varney as co-founders of  The Indigenous Mission (TIM). 

Lucas & Lois are missionaries commended from their home churches in Urbandale, IA Lafayette, LA and Needham, AL to serve the LORD in Liberia among the Gola tribe through TIM. 

They are serviced by and through Christian Missions in Many Lands, Inc. (CMML) 

Lucas serves on the board of TIM as the Executive Director of Administration. This reflects Lucas' role as a cofounder of TIM. He is gifted in teaching GOD's Word, leading in partnership with Indigenous believers, and providing an administrative leadership role in the ministry.

James & Mary Varney 

Pastor, Tahn Bible Church 

James and Mary Varney (Gola-tribe) were the first Christians to take the Gospel to the Gola Konneh District of Liberia in the 1970's. They have spent their life humbly serving the LORD and selflessly ministering to people through Church-planting, an orphanage, children's ministry,  providing education to those who had no access to education, and have faithfully devoted themselves to the LORD's work to which they have been called. James and Mary Varney are a shining example of indigenous Liberian Christians serving the LORD among their own people; through 14 years of civil-war; famine; the Ebola virus outbreak; and all while facing persecution from rebel groups, Muslims, and the demonic cult known as "Zoes." James Varney serves as a Pastor at Tahn Evangelical Bible Church (TEBC) and provides Spiritual oversight for the ministry of TIM, while Mary Varney continues to reach out to the widows, orphans, and poor children in their community. James and Mary Varney have been serving the LORD in full-time ministry for almost 50 years and are now in their 80s. 

Kollie & Ruth Harris 

Facilities Manager & Principal, 
Grace Christian Academy 

Kollie (Loma-tribe) and Ruth Harris (Gola-tribe) serve as part of the core staff for TIM and Grace Christian Academy (GCA). Kollie serves as our full-time Facilities Manager and oversees all construction, carpentry, plumbing, and renovation projects for Grace Christian Academy, Tahn Evangelical Bible Church (TEBC), and TIM. 

Ruth Harris serves as the Principal of Grace Christian Academy. Kollie and Ruth have taken a step of faith to forgo regular employment in order to serve the LORD as Facilities Manager and Principal of Grace Christian Academy. Ruth also coordinates the Children's home and outreach ministries while also serving in the local Church by discipling women and children in the community.

Kollie and Ruth Harris, by GOD's enabling grace, have sacrificed of themselves and their time in order to serve the LORD among their own people as indigenous volunteers/full-time workers with TIM, TEBC, and GCA.   

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