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Stay up-to-date on the LORD's work in Liberia

Welcome to our Newsletter Archives! Please click on one of the following links below to view our most recent newsletters:

September, 2022 Update

Videos from the Field

  • Update from Lucas & Lois
  • Easter Conference and Baptism
  • Medical Missions Team/Outreaches
  • Visit from CMML (Phil & Mary Parsons)
  • February, 2022 Update

    Video from the Field

    Update from Lucas & Lois

    Update from Alfred & Musu

    Update on Duplex/Bible School

    April, 2021 Update

    Back in Liberia! -Lucas & Lois

    Growth in the local Assembly

    Missionary Housing/Prepping for Bible School

    Grace Christian Academy 

    July, 2021 Update

    Video from the Field

  • Update from the Field-GOD's Wonderful Answers to Prayer in HIS own ways.
  • Bible School and Duplex-Proverbs 16:9!
  • Sending Disciples out to Preach- Planting a NT Church
  • Glorifying GOD in practical ways
  • Plans for this Fall
  • January, 2021 Update

    New Believers Baptized

    Planting a church fellowship

    Lucas and Lois prepare to Return to Liberia

    Team Workers Abroad

    The LORD's Provision of a Land Cruiser

    Grace Christian Academy Reopened

    Pray for our kids

    November, 2020 Update

    Video Update from Alfred & Musu Varney

  • Update from Lucas and Lois
  • Musu's Childrens Bible Clubs
  • Alfred's Radio Ministry
  • Gola Literacy Program Progress & Resistance
  • Grace Christian Academy Reopening
  • Pray for our kids
  • August 2020 Update

    • Update from Lucas and Lois

    • Reopening & Restructuring Grace Christian Academy

    • Gola Literacy Program

    • Discipleship & Church Discipline

    • Facility Renovations & Construction

    May 2020 Update

    Coronavirus lockdown

    Gola Bible Translation

    Facility Renovations

    Evangelism and Discipleship

    Pictures from January-April

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